This is a prototype done as a model for PLC implementation for weighing bridge scale to ease out for trucks or other heavy vehicles.

It houses a bunch of sensors like wheel sensor, infrared wheel separator to smoothen the entire process. The weight measure is displayed and the toll hand(if that’s what it’s called) moves 90 degrees up or down to allow and stop the vehicle respectively with the help of a servo motor.

The picture below is prototype I made.


Inbox me for the codes.




Suggested prototype for Indian based toll system

This project hosts a microcontroller with a limited database consisting RFID key tags. It also maintains an amount(balance) and deducts costs based on the service utilized by the travelers. The deducted amount and existing balance is notified via sms and reflected across centralized database accessible by all the toll plazas. The same can be recharged at multiple points or via online.


The main advantage is however the entire system promotes the idea of going CASHLESS economy and hassle caused in waiting while paying for toll. With this RFID tag attached to the CAR, It allows the passenger to not avail but the reading and deducting process being done on the way. The toll plaza consists a segment of road with inbuilt RFID readers to enable ON THE GO deduction and access of toll system.


The idea can further be powered by IoT allowing users to access their toll more conveniently and government or other central agencies to collect or analyze big data on patterns of vehicle movement within the country.


You can find the code below.



WhatsApp Image 2017-05-10 at 10.42.10 PM