NEXTION THE 16×2? Fancy screens for your DIY projects.

Gone are the days when I used to believe the coolest facelift for any project was 16×2 LCD display. For a 90’s kid(me duh),  It really took me years to realize the painful connections and interfacing procedures behind the 16*2 until I got my hands on it. Woeful soldering and drooping connections and missed out connections stole my precious hours on vicious projects.

While, it’s safe to say the display is still the popular choice among project doers, I urge them to look at the alternative – NEXTION 2.4” or more size if you’d like to. The 4D systems display is an alternative, but it would burn a hole in your pocket unless for an industrial grade product.


The nextion is just 4 wires with 5V,GND,Rx,Rx wires making it highly compatible to any microcontroller with UART interface. A touch screen interface to control and display all sorts of sensors, motors, leds, progress bars, virtual buttons, logos and what not? Well, definitely not videos.

Understandably, It costs 1400 and the 200 for 16×2 LCD, But it’s totally worth the looks and credibility for your projects.

GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!

The nextion comes with an ITEAD IDE which enables the user to pick and drop components and compile it and even to emulate it before deploying it to the device. All, with the simple knowledge to C++ which you would have sufficed from your Arduino.



So? Pick up one and get started…….



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