My encounter with religion.

Like every other human being, I too have wondered about religion at some point of life. Before you ask me “Do you believe in GOD”, I’d say I’m a believer of man created god than god created man. If you look closely, Its the best thing man has invented before money. I’d like to share my thoughts on religion through a a 19 year old common agnostic theist‘s view.


The two situations occur to almost every individual.  One, You happen to believe the presence of god someday. Two, You throw away all your stereotypes and think you’ve given up on life and say god doesn’t exist at all.

Its very similar to how you fall in love with the same person one day, You want them out of your life on another odd day. And the lesson of your life is taught somewhere between those two situations. With the world focussing on the communal riots, inter-religion marriages, and racist -terrorism activities, civil war, We fail to to realize the fundamental concept of religion. Religions are set of custom made themes created to suit your lifestyle. You have your own freedom to choose one of them. What do we need to keep us going? A certain hold on the pace of life, A little motivation when you’re down, A sense of fear that someone’s watching you, Certain right things that’s gonna keep you safe over a long run, A set of to-do list to make life complicated. Well, That’s what religion gives you in whole package which is too heavy to handle. And on top of everything, a little hope and faith to keep your head straight and believe everything you do is right. Let’s all thank religion for that.